Popular Grand Cayman Excursions That You Should Go On

When you think of the Cayman Islands, you may think of the many activities that people often describe. There are areas where you can see turtles, stingrays, and bioluminescent areas that will glow-in-the-dark when you jump in. These are some of the many things that are associated with the Cayman Islands, especially on the main island Grand Cayman. You need to book a trip there so you can stay for a week or two so the you can truly experience the wonder. Here are some of the more popular grand Cayman excursions that you should go on on your next vacation to this beautiful Caribbean island.

The Wonder Of Stingray City

Although you may have heard about Stingray City, it is one thing to hear a description and quite another to actually participate in the water with these wonderful creatures. It is an area off the coast of Grand Cayman where very tame stingrays come in order to feed. They have been conditioned to do so for decades by local fishermen that got them started on visiting this particular region. You will be able to start: the water, interacting with these beautiful creatures, and they can take you out there by kayak or via a private charter.


Best Things To Do In Grand Cayman

Although many people like to relax on the beach whilst vacationing, lots of people still enjoy having fun with activities. Some of the best things to do in grand cayman are found on this website. They list 20 top activities that should not be missed.


Reasons To Visit Seven Mile Beach

You can take a tour of this beach in a couple of different ways. They actually have Segway tours where you can ride at high speeds along all 7 miles. There is also a Cayman West Bay sightseeing tour that you can take advantage of that is available to people that visit this particular beach. It is crescents in shape which adds to the allure, not to mention the crystal clear waters right off the edge of the sand. For those who have never been to a beautiful large beach like this, it may instantly become your favorite. Also, parasailing Grand Cayman is very popular. Pasasailing is when you fly up to 500 feet by being towed by a boat. There are a couple operators that do business along SMB.

Electric Bio Boat Bioluminescent Tours

An almost legendary aspect of the grand Cayman Island, although there are other locations around the world where this actually occurs, this particular island is known for the bioluminescence in the waters. These microorganisms are simply out in the water and when you dive in at night, you will see something absolutely magical as the water will light up in this incredible blue color. People that go will either take a kayak tour, or they will opt for what is called and electric bio boat. The chemical reaction is when luciferin becomes reactive. Either way, you are going to go to the exact spot where this type of activity can occur. You will be astounded by what you see, especially when you are in the water after dusk looking at both the blue glow and the incredible stars above you.

Booking a trip to Grand Cayman should be one that you really try to go on this year. It cannot be explained in words. It is a place you really need to experience, and if you do get a chance to go, it will almost certainly become your favorite vacation destination. If you book your flight and hotel at the same time, you can save hundreds of dollars. You can also book some of these tours simultaneously. This will allow you to be ready for what may be the most incredible adventure you ever go on by simply traveling to the island of Grand Cayman.